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AlbumEditor (FREE software)

AlbumEditor is a wonderful tool to organize your photos into albums on your PC and then upload the entire album to the Internet in a single click. It is a great album synchronizer between albums on the PC and on your Internet account. Its fast and easy!

•  Create an album and add photos.
•  Delete photos.
•  Change the sequence of photos in an album.
•  Save album to Internet.
•  Retrieve album from Internet on any machine.
•  Convert images of various file formats (bmp, tiff, sun etc) to browser supported formats (gif, jpeg).
•  Set the size of a photo(in pixels) to 256X256, 512X512, 1024X1024 or actual .
•  Perform imaging operations such as flip, flop.

Platform supported: Windows 95, Win 98, Win NT
Disk-space required: 3MB

Download AlbumEditor

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Free software
Enjoy the fun of creating your album and uploading it to the internet by using the free Album Editor software.
Download Album Editor
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